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Haebler carries a proud legacy of meeting the highest quality standards. We are not volume driven, and strive to ensure we can provide the attention to detail that our customers, modern design, and the delivery of trouble-free buildings require.

A Focus on Value

At Haebler we are motivated by customer satisfaction, and we understand this means not only adherence to budget and schedule, but willingness to go the extra mile to meet our client's needs. We constantly assess what can be done to improve quality, costs, or timeframe, and work closely with all parties to bring improved value to our clients.

Haebler Expertise
The Haebler Group brings many levels of expertise to bear on the side of our clients, including:
  • Experience with a broad range of project types
  • Ability to work with leading-edge design materials and zero-tolerance standards
  • Concrete expertise, with a specialty in High Fly Ash Concrete*
  • Proven ability to successfully support a fast-track approach
  • Computerized, state of the art cost control

Flexible and Fair
The Haebler Group recognizes the need for flexibility throughout the entire construction process, from initial concept through to project completion. The company enters into many different types of contracts, to accommodate our clients' diverse needs. Examples include: Fixed price, Maximum Upset, Design build, Cost Plus, and Construction Management agreements.

A Hands-on, Team Approach
At Haebler we prefer to work as a team, actively involved with the owners and architects, to give the best value and expertise possible. Preference is for negotiated work, working initially with the owner and architects on a preliminary set of drawings or concept, continuing through the design phase to ensure the design tailors the budget, and ultimately managing the construction phase to ensure successful project completion.

* The following are articles and presentations by Roland Haebler on High Fly Ash Concrete:.


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